Structural Drying Services in San Diego, CA

As part of our specialized structural drying service, Mighty Dry Restoration has a large inventory of specialized equipment and will deploy a strategy that minimizes the interruption of your business activities. We can accommodate your residential, commercial and industrial buildings with a fleet of Desiccants to allows us to dry your property efficiently. Our inventory of specialized structural drying equipment will allow us to tackle special projects such as hardwood flooring, curved drywall, ceilings and subfloors. Mighty Dry Restoration will work directly with you, or your insurance company at your preference. We have a large variety of desiccant dehumidifiers fit for every job. Desiccants perform where other units in the industry cannot properly operate, such as in cold temperatures and in low humidity. Desiccants generally work to their maximum in large open areas.

Examples of ideal locations for the use of these dehumidifiers are schools, multi-story homes or buildings, and large commercial buildings. We will work directly with your or your insurance company at your preference.

Mighty Dry Restoration’s water department has over twenty years of combined experience providing structural drying services as well as water and flood damage services. Working with a professional restoration firm will help minimize your residual water damage and prevent the spread of mold or other airborne contaminants.

What Does Structural Drying Involve & How Does Our Process Work?

  • Immediate emergency assessment of property structure, electrical and plumbing.
  • Ensure that the water leak source has been properly fixed. Our trained professionals will inspect the origin of the water source to ensure that this has been properly fixed.
  • Ensure that excess water has been properly extracted. We utilize special equipment to quickly and effectively remove water.
  • Deploy the proper strategy and equipment to thoroughly dry your structure.

24/7 Emergency Services

Mighty Dry Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We have the fastest response time in San Diego. We will be to your location within 30 minutes to minimize damage to your home.

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