Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services – San Diego, CA

Call Mighty Dry Restoration and speak directly to our flood damage restoration experts who can have a crew on the way to your home immediately. No answering machines — you need a friendly experienced company that knows how to handle flood damage situations because they have done it many times before, in almost every situation you could imagine. We have the experience to take quick action to get the drying process started to prevent any further flood damage, and to work closely with you and your insurance company, keeping you both fully informed every step of the way.

My House Just Flooded! What Do I Do?!?

We have over 20 years of experience in flood damage restoration. We’ve handled everything from a partially wet room, to an entirely flooded house. We have gotten individuals and large businesses in San Diego back up and running as soon as possible. The most important thing is to prevent further damage to your property and to dry it fast!

State-Of-The-Art Drying Equipment For Water Damage

In addition to the experience and expertise, we have the latest technologically advanced drying equipment in the industry. We use water vacuum machines to remove as much water as possible, as quickly as possible, to prevent the flood damage from spreading any further. Then we set up high volume air movers and Low Grain Dehumidifiers, the latest advance in drying equipment. Low Grain Dehumidifiers leave fewer grains of water in the air than older technology dehumidifiers, and the super dry air they produce dries your home and belongings much faster. The faster the drying, the less chance there is of further damage or potential mold problems from the effects of high humidity. We also monitor the drying process with the latest moisture detecting equipment that tells us when everything is thoroughly dry, including the hidden areas behind walls and built-ins.

We Know How To Prevent Mold After A Flood

We also tackle the mold that comes with any water leak in San Diego. Once mold manages to take hold in your house, it can be very stubborn.  Mold remediation is one of our most important services.  We make sure that we check every inch of every surface where mold might possibly have made a home.  Your house should be a home to your family, and not to unwanted spores.  With our cleaning techniques, we can kill even the most stubborn mold and mildew.  Removing mold ensures not only that your family will stay healthy, but also that your furniture and walls will not be damaged over the long term.

24/7 Emergency Services For Flood Cleanup in San Diego

Mighty Dry Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We have the fastest response time in San Diego. We will be to your location within 30 minutes to minimize damage to your home.

Other Services We Offer